Best Gifts for New Parents

Unsure of what to gift the new parents in your life this holiday season? Check out my list of best gifts for new parents. Becoming a parent is one the most magical and transformative adventures, but it is not without its struggles. Often parents receive gifts for baby, which is nice, but remember that new parent is also in need of care! These meaningful (and budget friendly) gifts make parenting just a bit easier, provide a little comfort, and cultivate connection.

Postpartum Doula Fund

Early parenthood can feel isolating and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have family nearby. To ease this time, give the gift of a postpartum doula! Postpartum doulas provide a wide-range of support to make the transition to parenthood a bit easier. Collaborate with other friends and family to put together a postpartum doula fund for a new parent.

Meal Delivery

Take the guesswork out of dinner with a meal delivery service. In Portland, we love the meals from Stellas Kitchen. Nationally, Hello Fresh and Sun Basket are fantastic options with customization choices for any and all dietary restrictions.

Parent & Kiddo Classes

AKA the “Mommy & Me” class or any baby friendly fitness class. Yoga, dance, core building; postpartum support classes that incorporate baby are a great way to get out of the house and do something to support the parent’s wellbeing without struggling to find a sitter. If you’re in Portland, OR area be sure to check out my babe and kid-friendly Postpartum Core Restore and Postpartum Power & Conditioning classes.

Beautycounter Bright Eyes Treatment Set

It’s like a spa treatment at home! Tired eyes get a boost and create the illusion of a full night’s sleep (which I still have yet to experience on a regular basis and my daughter is 3.5). You can feel good about gifting this non-toxic, safer skincare from certified BCORP Beautycounter. The Bright Eyes Treatment Set comes with Eye Revive Cooling Masks and Ultra Renewal Eye Cream made with Retinatural Complex to safely reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Free Babysitting for Date Night

Live close to your friend and happen to be handy with a bottle and pacifier? Give the gift of reconnection with free date night (or date day!) babysitting. Download this cute printable coupon to gift to a friend!

Primally Pure Baby Bar

This non-toxic, all natural cleanser, from woman owned Primally Pure, is gentle enough for baby and extra soothing for sensitive postpartum skin.

DIY Calming Bath Soak

Pair that baby bar with this DIY calming bath soak made with chamomile and lavender. Parenting is stressful! Cultivate some calm amidst the storm with this luxurious bath soak perfect for parched postpartum skin.

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