Ep. 45 Midwifery, social justice, and intersectionality

Did you know you don’t have to choose between midwifery support and hospital care? Midwives are not just for crunchy folks. The midwifery model, rooted in social justice and autonomy of care, provides the support needed to birth how you choose be that in a hospital, home, birth center or the middle of a field. In this episode of the Beyond Birth Podcast, the midwife team behind Coyote Midwifery speaks to the differences between midwifery care and traditional hospital care, dispels myths about who can benefit from midwifery support, and the importance intersectionality in the birth world.

In this episode

  • Midwifery as a stand towards social justice and respecting autonomy.
  • The difference between the midwifery model of care and traditional hospital care.
  • Are midwives only for hippies?
  • Prenatal and postpartum midwifery support.
  • The importance of treating the dyad, not birthing person and baby separately.
  • Promoting confidence and independence, while providing support.
  • What is sustainable midwifery and how it differs from traditional midwifery?
  • How to navigate continuity of care, or lack thereof, through pregnancy and birth.
  • Intersectionality and midwifery.
  • How can we make work, parenting and life more sustainable and balanced.
  • Tuning into your intuition and tuning out the noise when it comes to parenting and birth.

About Coyote Midwifery

Coyote Midwifery, founded by Joni Pedersen and Caitlin Maddigan, is dedicated to delivering well-rounded, holistic services to individuals seeking reproductive care. Our practice is deeply rooted in the fierce belief that every birthing person deserves autonomy and respect. We believe in intersectionality and that midwifery is a stand towards social justice. Coyote Midwifery specializes in fertility support, home insemination, prenatal and postpartum care, home birth, and holistic well-person gynecology. We practice trauma-informed care and incorporate a health-at-every-size approach. We believe in the importance of community and offer ongoing opportunities for those struggling to find theirs. Coyote Midwifery is always seeking to grow as providers, individuals and as a pack.
Connect with Joni and Caitlin

Making it clear that its not only women who give birth and just because you give birth it doesn’t mean you are a mother. (Caitlin)

So many people have so many things to say about how you should parent or birth, and I say F all of it.

About Beyond Birth Podcast

Co-hosted each week by Liz Winters (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified pre and post-natal coach, and mama) and Jenny Anderson (doula, Birthfit Regional Director, certified yoga instructor, and mama). Our hope is to inspire, educate, and empower women as they navigate pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood with evidence based guidance, informative interviews, and entertaining anecdotes from our perspectives as moms, entrepreneurs, and birth professionals.
Hosted by: Liz Winters & Jenny Anderson


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