From Speechless to Supportive

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Learn how to support your loved ones after pregnancy
or infant loss.

1 in 4 Pregnancies end in loss

Do you know what to say or do?

The news that a loved one has experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss leaves the best of us shocked, saddened, and speechless. 

You want to help,
but you... 

aren't sure
what to say

Don't know what they need or how you can help

Worry about causing more stress or grief

"Holy shit. This program is so needed. Just days after downloading the free guide, a friend experienced a miscarriage. I felt more prepared to walk through this time with her, while supporting my own well-being."

- Sarah

when someone experiences loss, the whole community grieves.

There’s no doubt that the rippled pain of loss extends far beyond immediate family. Extending support beyond platitudes can be healing for everyone. 
 If you find yourself unsure of how to support someone experiencing pregnancy loss, ask yourself how you’d support someone who just gave birth and needs time to heal, physically and emotionally. 

Go from Helpless
to helpful

Learn how to listen without trying to fix

get tangible ways to provide support, from near or far. 

Ease your mind with the tools to better understand loss, grief, and what to say. 

But you don't have to struggle through it alone. Download my free guide for supporting someone after pregnancy loss and learn quick ways to share love, hold space, and support healing.  

This shit is hard. 

You're right, This is an utter shitstorm

It may feel impossible to know how to support someone you care about through the utter shitstorm that is pregnancy loss. 
This comprehensive program is here to take you from helpless to helpful, from speechless to supportive. 

Are you ready? 

Hey friend,

My story is not unique. I am one of the 1 in 100 women who experience stillbirth. In October of 2018, after an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, my son Elliot Andrew Winters was born beautiful and still at 39 weeks. 
Our community rallied behind us, supporting us through what I surely hope was the most difficult time our family will ever face. Our community supported us as if we’d brought home what we’d been waiting for: our beautiful newborn son. And it was exactly what we needed. 
Chances are you know someone (beyond me) who has experienced loss and chances are you feel totally helpless in supporting them. I know that’s how I used to feel. I often opted for the “I just won’t say anything and give them space” because honestly it was more comfortable (for me!) 
I wrote this program to share tangible and approachable ways to show up for loved ones through loss, without gutting yourself. Because I guarantee your friend wants you there, in some capacity. 


from Speechless to supportive?

Guide to understanding different types of loss

Shit not to say
(and what to say instead)

Tangible ways to help the whole family, without gutting yourself

How to support postpartum Recovery

Printable Worksheets to keep you organized, sane and supportive.

Continually updated REsource library 

This program was made for you, friend

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This comprehensive program includes: