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LEt's cut the shit right here... 

 Living up to pinterest perfect expectations is not what you signed up for. 

Parenthood is part of you, but not all of you. With Badass Birthers Club, you’ll learn to confidently walk away from the crippling mom-guilt, tune out the noise from self-doubt inducing mommy-marketing, and create a healthy, empowered pregnancy and postpartum experience you love.  

Do you feel like... 




You have no idea how to balance showing up as “mom” without losing yourself?

You are constantly struggling with guilt or shame when you take time for yourself?

You are overwhelmed, isolated and lost in a sea of “shoulds”?  

“I really appreciate the authenticity and honesty Liz brings. Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can also be a time full of fear and doubts, and she doesn’t gloss over that or make people feel bad about decisions or where they are at”

Katie felt validated and eased her fear and doubts

Katie H, Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, First time mom

You can absolutely...

It doesn't have to be either/or


Have a
Kickass career


Cultivate a
joyful marriage


Feel bomb in your baby-growing body


Enjoy the hell out of those adorable tiny humans you created 

Go It Alone

Sorry to throw another SHOULD your way, but we mean it. Pregnancy and parenting (even during a pandemic) are not meant to be done alone. Find your parenting people— the ones who GET IT— and the support you need to show up as the best version of YOU. 

YOU DON’T (and shouldn't) HAVE TO

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“I personally just feel a lot better when I get to move my body. Having workouts that I could do at home if I needed to, helped me feel like “me” again.”

Gina got moving and feels like herself again!


Hey You!

I’m a nutritionist, pre & postnatal coach, lover of taco casseroles, kettlebell swings, Schitts Creek, and family dance parties to Lizzo radio on pandora. I’m a mom of three, raising two fabulous kids in the PNW.

I help career-driven, millennial moms cut through the bullshit that accompanies pregnancy and parenting so they can build a multi-faceted life they love. 

I know what it’s like to balance career and parenting (in a pandemic no less), to wish you had 5 uninterrupted minutes to finish a thought or sentence, to want the energy and time to show up for yourself and your family in a way that feels good, to constantly feel like you’re thinking about work when you’re with your family and thinking about your family when you’re at work.

Which is exactly why I created the Badass Birthers Club. Together we can call BS on the superhero mom trope, make room for the real life mess, and create a fulfilling life that celebrates all that we are. 

I’m liz


“I hadn’t found anyone else that was functional fitness minded, meaning: make sure we’re moving safely but still heavy AF if we can. Also Liz. She is magical. I just click with no bullshit people and I love her sparkle, intelligence and passion. “

Britt feels empowered with safe workouts

Britt L., Fitness fanatic, outdoor enthusiast, first time mom 

What's standing in your way?

Maybe you’re so busy juggling career, morphing relationships and the demands of growing and raising tiny humans you can’t even imagine adding another thing to your plate, let alone pausing to focus on yourself.

Maybe you’re trying to cut costs (tiny humans are wallet-sucking vampires), so you’re trying to do all the things yourself, but it’s looking more like a scene from Nailed It rather than a pinterest dream board. 

And maaaaaybe because you’re trying so hard to do ALL THE THINGS by yourself, that you feel like a failure when it inevitably goes to shit.

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The truth:

Whether your baby is the size of a blueberry or is currentLy trying to shove blueberries up their nose. 

You were someone before you became a parent and that person still matters. 


“You all helped get me through one of the toughest points in labor. I put on some BBC playlist songs, had a dance party, and thought about how amazing and strong you all are. Things progressed quickly from there. Thank you for being badass Birthers and inspiring me through the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Community support at every step of your journey

Caitlin H

The Badass Birthers Club is virtual doula support & group wellness program
Specifically for those navigating pregnancy and early parenting

You can be a great parent and Create a healthy, fulfilling life you absolutely love

Cultivate the best version you: the one with plenty of energy, drive and connection to meet demands of parenting, find joy in the day to day, and sustainably balance career and parenting.

Find real, evidence based and bullshit-free support

Get clearer and close to your ideal life with daily, actionable steps you can do even on the most sleep deprived days. 

Get the tools to organize the chaos...

The ones who love their kids to the end of the earth, but don’t LOVE every moment of parenting. In short: they get it. 

You'll find your parenting people...

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Badass Birthers Framework

1:1 virtual coaching 

Private online community 

 When you join the club, you’ll get access to:

Badass birthers Perks



for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond the bump support

Build your birth plan, prepare for postpartum and get support to navigate every phase of parenthood.

Join like-minded parents here to celebrate and commiserate at any point

Badass birthers club perks




All the Nutrition

Fitness plans for  pregnancy & beyond

Weekly Live
Group Coaching

So you can stop fretting over sushi and coffee

So you can move your body in a way that feels gooood. 

To ease the Mindf*ck that is growing a tiny human and connect with people in a similar life phase


Live group coaching calls & guest expert workshops 

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