two women holding iphones pointing to apps

My Top 3 Pregnancy Tracker Apps

Okay, as much as I talk about all the BS that accompanies pregnancy, I am actually a massive fan of the cheesy pregnancy tracker apps.

two women holding iphones pointing to apps

 I had three downloaded to my phone last pregnancy. 

And I loved them because I was obsessed with knowing what fruit, squash, or tiny animal this baby was the size of. I loved learning about the development of tiny human too. Tiny fingers and earbuds?! What!? 

But as much as I loved knowing that my tiny human was the size of a tool box, I definitely didn’t love the often (VERY) outdated nutrition, movement and lifestyle advice. 

Are we not past the low-fat craze yet? 

Do we not realize that avoiding lifting anymore heavier than 15 lbs is impossible for people who shop at Costco, have multiple children, or in our case, very fat cats? 

And what I really didn’t love was the assumption made by these apps that I’m all sunshine and rainbows about pregnancy, that my sole purpose in life was to parent my children alongside my husband and our dog Rover in a cookie cutter house in the suburbs. (This is one reason why I created the Badass Birthers Club…)

Because pregnancy, especially after loss, comes with some heavy shit. And ignoring the valid existence of anxiety, fear, stress, with a cloak of toxic positivity isn’t doing anyone any favors. 

Future LWW project? Create a pregnancy tracker that supports all pregnancy experiences and not just heteronormative, outdated bullshit. With a solid dose of cute tiny animals each week, of course…  

In the meantime, here are our top 3 pregnancy tracker apps. 

Favorite Pregnancy Tracker Apps

Ovia Pregnancy

  1. The Ovia health suite is pretty great from period tracking to baby development. The pregnancy app lets you track your tiny human’s  weekly growth in cute tiny animals or french patisserie if the standard fruit and veggies comparisons aren’t your jam. Ovia also provides daily development updates, rather than just week by week. 
  2. It also includes a symptom tracker, notes for providers, kick counter, contraction timer, and an easy to use interface.

Sprout Pregnancy App

  1. Like Ovia, Sprout is available in a suite of apps to support you through pregnancy and into parenting. The pregnancy app provides a 3D image of what the baby looks like through each stage of development, which is pretty cool, especially for older siblings to check out. 

Hello Belly

(some free content, but requires purchases for full access)

  1. We love that this app not only tracks pregnancy week-by-week, but also provides meditations, yoga flows, and daily tips. The interface is fun, different, and a welcome change from the pink and blue pregnancy mommy BS. 
  2. While it does come with great checklists, it doesn’t have kick counters or contraction timers.  

Did you love your pregnancy tracking app? Which one would you add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know! 


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