Waste Free & Budget Friendly Stocking Stuffers

It’s the holiday season! One of the most magical parts of parenting is playing Santa, but we’ve had to figure out how to do this while remaining budget-savvy, conscious consumers. Our goal is to keep stockings filled with magic, without emptying the bank account. I’m spending the next few days assembling some waste free, budget friendly stocking stuffers.

We set a budget of $30 per stocking and will fill them with something the recipient wants, needs, a treat, and something to read. Need some inspiration? Below is a list of waste free budget friendly stocking stuffers broken down into each of these categories. Many of these ideas support responsible corporations (like BCORPs!), small businesses, or rely on a little DIY action.


Waste Free, Budget Friendly

Stocking Stuffers

Choose one item from each category to fill a stocking with waste free and budget friendly fun.


Small trinkets that bring joy! Suggestions below intentionally limit the amount of plastic, packaging, and can be used longterm!


Small everyday items from personal care products to cozy socks


Something nice to snack on!  

  • Alter-Eco Chocolate
    • Certified BCORP with delicious chocolate
  • Missionary Chocolate Truffles
    • Local Portland Chocolatier and Natropath with the BEST truffles. The meyer lemon will change your life.
  • Mini Larabars
    • A not so sweet treat for the littles. These are Edith’s favorite snack.
  • Local honey sticks
    • You can find this at coops and specialty markets!
  • Stumptown Coffee
    • Certified BCORP with the best beans.
  • Stash Tea
    • Certified BCORP
  • Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Homemade treats like 5 Minute Chocolate Bark, Marshmallow Fudge or Cinnamon Cookies.


Sometimes they don’t make it into the actual stocking, but everyone gets a book each year. I’ve listed our favorite kids books below! You can find these new or used at your local independent book seller or online via amazon. 

    • Crunch the Shy Dinosaur
    • The Bunny Planet
    • Harold & the Purple Crayon
    • I Spy Books
    • A is for Activist
    • A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo
    • Julian is a Mermaid

Choosing one or two items from each category brings some intentional Christmas magic, without breaking the bank.

Have other ideas? Feel free to comment and share!

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