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Why You Need Pregnancy Coach

Career-driven parent or expecting entrepreneur and wondering how you are going to baby-proof your business and actually enjoy parenthood? Here’s why you need a pregnancy coach (even if you’re no longer pregnant).

pregnant person

Pregnancy coaches help you navigate all the twists, turns, ups and downs on the rollercoaster of becoming a parent. 

It’s like having a virtual doula in your back pocket; a doula that understands your goals, your vision, your deep desire to be a kickass parent AND rock the socks off your business. 

We’ve all been there… We feel guilty for thinking about work when we’re with the kids, and thinking about our kids when we’re at work… 

And you want to scream at the next person who says “just find the balance!”

Because you know that balance is bullshit. And there is a real need for give and take. And sometimes, frankly, we don’t like it. 

“Is this normal???” You can ask your pregnancy coach…

From the more obvious physical changes to the nuanced emotional, and social changes, a pregnancy coach provides holistic support for your overall well-being so you can navigate pregnancy and postpartum without all the BS. 

Learn how to move and groove in a body that may feel unfamiliar at times, to take an active role in your overall wellbeing, and to say STFU to things (or people) who aren’t serving you. 

We hold space for the tough shit and also keep it real. Together, we’ll celebrate our highs and navigate the lows. 

Feel Empowered and Confident 

It is possible to cultivate a pregnancy and postpartum experience that feels empowered, supported, and built for you (and not some pinterest mom). I’ve experienced both the ideal and the worst birth outcomes, but in all three of my birthing experiences, I felt empowered. 

Pregnancy coaches cultivate this empowerment by helping you take an active role in your pregnancy and postpartum experience, while also gently helping you relinquish control to the MANY things out of our power.  

And it’s this empowerment that is the key. Birth experiences, postpartum outcomes, ultimately much of this is outside our control. 

And yet you still have the power in HOW you navigate these unknowns. 


Together, we can cultivate confidence and a sense of ease, knowing that you’re armed with truly holistic support for your physical, social, emotional wellbeing. 

Ready for it? Let’s have a virtual coffee date and talk about what support feels best for you! 


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