The Best Non-Toxic Beauty Brands for Expecting Parents

Is pregnancy making you wary of your skincare and make-up? Understandably! Pregnancy increases susceptibility to negative effects from toxins like fragrance, PEG’s, phthalates and other not-so-great ingredients you definitely want to avoid. There are already too many to-dos and to-don’ts that accompany pregnancy, what’s a person got to do to moisturize and contour without fear? MAMA PREACH. Breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve done the research, we’ve tried the crunchy products, and we’ve found four non-toxic beauty brands with products that make us feel good, confident, and enhance our already damn good looks. All without the toxic bullshit.  

What is non-toxic beauty?

Non-toxic beauty is safe for human health, plain and simple. By our standards, non-toxic beauty brands have an active list of ingredients to avoid and have rigid standards in place for testing and transparency.Not sure if your favorite products are non-toxic? Check out the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database. This database contains tens of thousands of products ranked by overall concern, allergen levels, and reproductive concern. Some products are even EWG Verified, which we consider to be the gold standard for clean beauty! 

What about Green Washing?

Finding a truly non-toxic brand without the EWG can be tricky because we are seeing more green washing plaguing the personal care market! Green washing is a marketing tactic used by companies to appear “clean,” “natural” or in our case “safe.” You’ve probably seen green washing at the grocery store and not even realized it! There are so few regulations on the cosmetic industry that labels like toxin-free, botanical, plant-based, natural, and green really don’t mean much without research, transparency, and testing to back it up!  Companies that claim to be “toxin free” may still contain harmful ingredients like fragrance, PEGs, and parabens.

Top Non-Toxic Beauty Brands

for expecting parents

Lucky for us, there are brands out there calling BS on green-washing and putting the health of consumers first without sacrificing product performance. They do the work for us so that we know we’re getting safe products! Can I get an amen? Here are our top picks for non-toxic beauty brands with products that perform beautifully without sacrificing safety. 


Beautycounter is one of those unicorn brands that is fully EWG Verified! This means that the company as a whole is safe for use.  Breathe a sigh of relief. It’s no secret that it’s one of our top picks and that is all because of their commitment to consumer safety, high performing products and advocacy for more regulation in the cosmetics industry. 

Where to find them: You can find Beautycounter online and at select pop-ups  in NYC, Nantucket Island and now Denver, CO!

LWW Team Picks:

  1. Velvet Eyeshadow Palette
  2. Brilliant Brow Gel 
  3. Sheer Lipstick: Where lipstick meets lip balm, these lip sheers are moisturizing and can give you a neutral/natural look or a pop of color!


W3LL People 

Another EWG Verified brand, W3LL People understands the importance of safe beauty! With multiple award winning makeup products, they won’t sacrifice performance.  You surely will not be disappointed.

Where to find them: Find W3LL People products directly on their website or in select Whole Foods and Target locations.

LWW Team Picks:

  1. Expressionist Mascara
  2. Bio Brightener Invisible Powder
  3. Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30



Vapour beauty is a luxury natural, non-toxic beauty brand with an average 1-2 EWG rating! They are best known for their well performing face products including foundation sticks, primer and concealer. You can expect these products to last throughout the day with very little touch-ups needed. Many of the products are in “stick” form making them easy to take on the go and travel with!

Where to Find Them: Online at vapourbeauty.com and in select retailers varied by state!

LWW Team Picks:

  1. Luminous Foundation
  2. Illusionist Concealer
  3. Gentle Illuminating Primer


Honorable Budget Friendly Mention: Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty, an extension of The Honest Co. founded by Jessica Alba, promotes a #CleanGlam approach to beauty! With an EWG rating of 3, due to lack of research, Honest Beauty is an accessible beauty brand you can feel good about and it won’t break the bank. With a variety of pressed powders, color cosmetics and face makeup you know you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Not all their skincare is safe (I see you retinol! YIKES!), but their make-up is pretty darn clean. 

Where to Find Them: Directly online at honest.com or in your local Target. Use their retail locator to find the closest one to you!

LWW Team Picks:

  1. Extreme Length Mascara + Primer
  2. Everything Primer
  3. Magic Balm

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