Liz types on her computer while sitting in the kitchen

How to Have it All

“Beyonce has the same 24hrs you do and she’s a mom!”

I cannot possibly roll my eyes any further back in my head. (And I am REALLY good at rolling my eyes, just ask my mom).

I come close to losing my shit every time I see a mommy blogger say there’s plenty of time each day if you use it well, and you can absolutely have it all. This, right here 👇, is the face I make when I hear this. 

Because it’s just not true. Or it’s not transparent.

Yo, there is not enough time, energy, coffee or CBD to do it all solo.

Does that mean you can’t have a kickass career and be a good parent?

Does it mean you have to choose between taking care of yourself or taking care of your family?

Does it mean you have to put all your relationships on hold and drown in diapers?


It does mean you need to get really clear on your values, your priorities and your reality. 

What’s important to you?

How do you want to spend your time?

Where are you getting support?

Beyonce has a TEAM of people and you should too (but perhaps they won’t be on the same pay scale…)

Yes you can have it all, but just not at the same time.  

Liz types on her computer while sitting in the kitchen

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