Well this f*cking sucks

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The Grieving Mama's Guide to Postpartum Recovery After Loss is the only program of its kind to provide holistic postpartum support specific for those who've experienced loss. 

1 in 4 Pregnancies end in loss

Are you getting the support you deserve?

Postpartum after pregnancy loss often feels unsupported and unfamiliar. 
And when you’re in the throes of grief, it may seem impossible to know how to nourish your body. 
But here's the truth: 
You are still worthy of postpartum care after pregnancy loss. 

But you're Feeling...

 unsure how to navigate this unexpected version of postpartum 

Emotionally and physically depleted

overlooked, misunderstood, and Isolated

"Can we just talk about how amazing this program is?
Starting with the acknowledgement that our bodies deserve care just like moms with living babies to the down to earth way Liz gives her love and advice. No one else is taking care of loss more the way Liz is!!" 

- Megan


Whether you experienced a first trimester miscarriage or a full term stillbirth, you underwent substantial physiological changes on top of the emotional trauma that is losing your baby.
It is completely unfair and utter bullshit.  

Ready to feel reConnected to your body and Mind? 

Build trust, strength and community through a huge library of resources 

 nourish your body with intentional workouts and nutrition specific for postpartum recovery
after loss

Ease your mind with tools to process complex emotions around grief, postpartum, and motherhood. 

Download your FREE guide with the tips you need to
 navigate postpartum recovery after loss. 

So Everything Has gone to shiT.
Now what?

You are not alone.

Go from feeling overlooked, misunderstood and emotionally and physically exhausted to finding ease, strength and support through this season. 

get the support
you deserve!

Hey friend,

My story is not unique. I am one of the 1 in 100 women who experience stillbirth. In October of 2018, after an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, my son Elliot Andrew Winters was born beautiful and still at 39 weeks. 
In the weeks and months following the death of my son, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, just like any newly postpartum mom, but with the added trauma of loss. 
Just like you, postpartum after loss felt unfamiliar and unsupported. Each recovery program I opened encouraged me to take my baby on a baby-wearing walk, provided nutrition to support those who've experience loss, and well-being practices for better sleep through 2am baby wake-ups.  
Frankly, I was pissed. How could there be nothing out there when pregnancy and infant loss was so common? 
I believe parents who've experienced pregnancy loss are deserving of so much care and specific support, which is why I created my Postpartum Recovery After Loss program for moms like you and me. 


Where's the program for
Loss parents who

want to Move to feel better in their body and learn to trust it again?

need nutrition support for the energy to get through the day when grief keeps pulling them down ?

seek coping and calming techniques so they can finally rest?

it didn't exist, until now.

In The grieving Mama's Guide to Postpartum REcovery after loss You'll find

14-Week Intentional Postpartum Recovery Workout plan 

Nutrition Guide to support Healing, Mood and Energy 

Loss specific support around lactation, sleep, and movement.

Intentional Mindfulness + Stress Reduction Exercises

Resource Guide to share with Friends & Family so they can go from Speechless to supportive

Self-care Strategies (that aren't Bullshit)

This program was made for you, friend

Has Someone you Loved Experienced Loss?

Go from Speechless to supportive

It may feel impossible to know how to support someone you care about through the utter shitstorm that is pregnancy loss. 
This is why I created a comprehensive program for supporting
friends and family after pregnancy loss.

Get ready to...

Learn Tangible and meaningful ways to support loved ones after loss

Understand the complexities of different types of loss 

Know what to say (and not to say) so your loved one feels supported and understood. 

Get the tools you need