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Stand strong and thrive through pregnancy with meaningful workouts, nourishing meals, and ease of mind.

Do you feel powerful? 

or has your world been turned upside down? 

If pregnancy has you feeling topsy-turvy, know that you aren’t alone. Becoming a parent adds a whole new layer of complexity to our busy lives: intense and unfamiliar physical and emotional shifts, information overload that leaves you feeling more unsure than before, and simply not enough hours or energy in your day to navigate it all.  

Simply put, you’re feeling like… 

You are a stranger in your own body

Your head is spinning with the advice from every corner of the room. 

You are balancing an overly full plate with more piling on with each week.   

“I felt like I had no idea where to look for safe workouts. Having workouts provided by someone who specializes in supporting those who are pregnant helped me to relax and actually enjoy working out again.” 

gina l

There are guidelines, but no hard and fast rules. 

Pregnancy looks and feels different for everyone. This program teaches you how to trust your intuition again, so you know you’re making the choices to serve your unique body and baby best. 

Ready to feel like you again?

Get connected to your evolving sense of self. 

Ease your mind with workouts, nutrition and lifestyle support specifically for pregnancy.

Learn how to optimize workouts and nutrition for your unique pregnancy 

“I personally just feel a lot better when I get to move my body. Having workouts that I could do at home if I needed to, helped me feel like "me" again.”

gina l

Stand strong and thrive through pregnancy.

Go from feeling like a stranger in your own body, fearing food, or worrying with every workout to consciously and confidently navigating pregnancy with ease. 

get the program!

Hey friend,

In the moment I read my first positive pregnancy test, I went from understanding how to move and fuel my body (or really not having to think about it) to suddenly questioning the safety or efficacy of everything. Just like you healthy living was part of my identity and questioning that suddenly meant I was questioning my own identity. Piling on the huge hormonal and physical changes of pregnancy, I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed. Do I keep doing what I’m doing? Or do I stop everything? 

With lots of research, love and practice, I pulled myself out of that “oh shit spiral” and found my power in pregnancy. And now, I’m passionate about helping other women do the same!  
So join me in waving buh-bye to the pinterest perfect pregnancy unicorn and making space for something even more magical: your unique prenatal power. 



Cultivate Confidence

Prenatal Power is so much more than food and fitness. It’s about helping amazing women like you connect with their power and learn how to tune into your unique body’s needs. 

Feel empowered to move and nourish your body in the way that feels best to you! 

Better connect with yourself, your partner and your growin’ babe. 

Get your day back with streamlined, holistic programming. 

For just $197 you’ll get: 

6+ Weeks of Do Anywhere Workouts + Video Tutorials

Fertile Foundations Lifestyle + Nutrition Guide 

18 Exclusive Recipes + 1 Week Meal Plan 

Intentional Mindfulness + Stress Less Plan 

Exclusive Access to Online Support Community

Ongoing Email Support + Encouragement