Black Friday Shopping Guide: Kitchen Essentials

Thanksgiving is WAY early this year. In fact, it’s less than a week away. And not to get all consumery over here, but that also means Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/Something Selling Sunday/ Cyber Monday are also almost here. 

Truth be told, each year I feel conflicted around this big shopping weekend. I don’t like the commercialism of a holiday. I hear stories of people lining up outside big box stores on Thanksgiving Day to get the 5000″ TV or whatever. And good on them if that’s what’s important. And I definitely don’t fault people for snagging a great deal. I get it! But I don’t want it to eat up my weekend or my holiday. 

Here is what I know:  
I am for sure NOT going to line up outside Target at 4am. 
My post thanksgiving weekend must include: eating pie, coaching some sweet classes, hanging with family, and spending time OUTSIDE (not in line).
I still want to save money and get some Christmas shopping done. 

Sounds nice right? 

So here’s how I really optimize the sales of the weekend without spending my Thursday eating Turkey in line outside Best Buy.

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